Yahoo! Labs

Applied Science in Yahoo! Labs is a unique blend of theory and application. Scientists look for opportunities to bring inter-disciplinary technologies, improvements and insights to bear on real business problems. They create algorithms, systems and tools to help our advertisers and publishers understand and address the evolving web marketplace, and build and enhance the economic platforms and systems that carry out user transactions at scale. They understand the current complexities and issues in the internet marketplace and infrastructure, and apply the latest science from fields like informational retrieval, machine learning, statistics, multimedia, human computer interaction, data mining, optimization and micro-economics“.

SecNet – Department of Computer Science, University of Turin

The Security and Networks group is headed by Full Professor Francesco Bergadano in the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin. They investigate “some security features, like encryption, access control, public key certification, authentication, non-repudiation and signature functions in order to provide not just security services but to add also new functionality directly into the hand of the users. The effect of security services will be twofold: to keep evil away and to have a richer functionality than before.

CNetS – School of Informatics and Computing and the Pervasive Technology Institute, Indiana University

The Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNetS) supports and enhances the research efforts of the complex systems group, which has been active within the School since 2004. CNetS is meant to foster interdisciplinary research in all areas related to complex networks and systems. On this website you can find information on CNetS faculty, research groups, and their activities.”

ISI  – Turin

The Institute of Scientific Interchange Foundation, “taking up the challenges at the frontier of complexity, furthers strategic inter-disciplinary research in the areas of data and computational sciences, complex networks, information technologies, quantum and statistical physics.” ARCS strictly collaborates with Dr. Ciro Cattuto and Dr. Alain Barrat on socio-techno systems topics.

CSP – Turin

“The CSP technology labs are involved in research with universities, with the support of Regione Piemonte and industrial research, as defined by European legislation. The research is transferred to the territory through the Living Labs and technology transfer programs.”