Interview on The NSA Scandal by UniTo Web Radio

Giancarlo Ruffo was interviewed on The NSA Scandal by 110 Web Radio, the web radio of the University of Turin.
Listen the interview: (Ruffo speaking from 10’58”)


Interview avec G. Ruffo “Sur la governance des architectures décentralisées”

adamThe CNRS researcher Primavera De Filippi interviewed G. Ruffo on governance and P2P systems. The interview (in french) can be found here.



“Lo strano caso lajello” published on “Il Post” (2012/07/27)

ilpostLawyer Carlo Blengino wrote an amazing article to our paper “People are Strange when you are a Stranger: Impact and Influence of Bots on Social Networks” for the influential online magazine “Il Post”.


The MITO-SettembreMusica Festival project cited by “La Repubblica” (2012/09/18) and by “OpenDataBlog of Sole24ore” (2012/09/20)

Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” dedicated a full-page article to the conference “Conference on SettembreMusica and MITO” on 2012/09/18, where Mario presented the first results obtained with Luca Ferreri on the analysis of the MITO-SettembreMusica socio-musical network, a multipartite dynamical graph that models the interconnection of musical pieces, performers, and directors. Two days later, on 2012/09/20, also the “OpenDataBlog” of the Italian newspaper “Sole24ore” posted a blog on the event. cited by “La Stampa” (2011/12/07)

Italian newspaper “La Stampa” cited datainterfaces project, that involves Politecnico di Milano, ISI, and our group, in an article commenting the “Big Data in a Living Web” conference held in Turin, 2011/12/06.
Moreover, during the conference, the video by our André Panisson on retweets of Twitter messages during the Egyptian revolution in February 11, 2011, has been presented as an example of innovative complex data visualization strategy.


New article on Page Magazine

Read the article published on Page Magazine an interdisciplinary German magazine for creative professionals in design. The article, written by Verena Dauerer, tells the story about the Twitter data collected by André Panisson during the Egyptian Revolution, and visualized with the Gephi Streaming API. More specifically, it shows the network of retweets with the hashtag #jan25 at February 11 2011, at the time of the announcement of Hosni Mubarak’s resignation. The movie with the dynamic network visualization can be accessed at




Wall Street Journal on Truthy

In an era of digital deception, scientists at Indiana University are using Twitter to investigate the nature of truth, lies and politics. Wall Street Journal article and video on the Truthy Project, featuring also the movie generation tool that was co-developed by Luca Maria Aiello.






Interview on SNA by UniTo Web Radio

Giancarlo Ruffo was interviewed on Social Networks by 110 Web Radio, the web radio of the University of Turin.
Listen to the interview: