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March 7th 2022: Alessia Antelmi’s seminar on (temporal) hypergraphs

We are (very) happy to announce the first seminar after a long break that ARC2S will be hosting on March7th 2022, 3:00pm.

Alessia Antelmi, PhD candidate at the University of Salerno, will present her contributions on (temporal) hypergraphs. Details follow below.

Title: “The why, how, and when of using (temporal) hypergraphs: a case-study on epidemic dynamics”


A hypergraph is a generalization of a graph, where a (hyper)edge allows the connection of an arbitrary number of vertices; hence, providing us a natural structure to account for high-order relationships. However, their powerful expressiveness has a few drawbacks: dealing with the complexity of such data structures and the lack of appropriate tools and algorithms for their study. Little used in literature in favor of their graph-counterpart, hypergraphs rose to prominence in the last years: an increasing number of systematic studies demonstrates that considering the higher-order structure of complex systems can enhance our modeling capacities and help us understand and predict their dynamical behavior. This seminar aims to provide you with an overview of the properties of hypergraphs and their applications. The first part will illustrate what hypergraphs are, when they can be used to model an underlying network, and why we should prefer such structures over traditional graphs. It will further examine existing software tools to manipulate, analyze, and visualize hypergraphs. The second part will present how these mathematical structures have been exploited to understand how an epidemic may spread over a population via high-order interactions. The last part will discuss (general) open challenges in working with hypergraphs, my current work, and possible future directions.

When: March 7h, 2022 – 3:00pm.

Where: Sala Conferenze, 3rd floor, Computer Science Department, Via Pessinetto 12 – 10149, Torino

The event has been recorded.

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