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Congrats André and Luca!

We are proud that, on February 27th, Luca M. Aiello and André Panisson received their Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Doctoral School of Sciences and Innovative Technologies, Computer Science Programme, University of Turin. Now they moved elsewhere to spread (and to keep learning) Science and Technology across Europe 🙂 Currently, André is a Junior Researcher at ISI Foundation in Turin and Luca …

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DataInterfaces.org cited by “La Stampa” (December 06, 2011)

Italian newspaper “La Stampa” cited datainterfaces project, that involves Politecnico di Milano, ISI, and our group, in an article commenting the “Big Data in a Living Web” conference held in Turin, 2011/12/06. Moreover, during the conference, the video by our André Panisson on retweets of Twitter messages during the Egyptian revolution in February 11, 2011, has been presented as an example …

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