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Welcome to Prof. Alessandro Flammini!

Prof. Alessandro Flammini, from Indiana University, joined us this semester to teach “Complex Networks” to our master’s degree students. He will be visiting our university for three months from now, and he will deliver the following lectures:

4-May-17, Aula E, homophily (not degree based) 

8-May-17, Aula F, Signed graphs 
9-May-17, Aula E, Game theory, intro 
10-May-17, Aula F, Game theory & evolution 

15-May-17, Aula E, Game theory, iterated games 
16-May-17, Aula E, Networks & power relations 
17-May-17, Aula F, Traffic on Networks 
18-May-17, Aula E, Optimal Networks 

22-May-17, Aula E, Information cascades 
23-May-17, Aula E, Collective behavior, Positive & negative externalities 
24-May-17, Aula E, complex contagion 

29-May-17, Aula F, Identifying the influentials 
30-May-17, Aula F, Simple contagion, epidemics 
31-May-17, Aula F, epidemics and scale free networks 
1-Jun-17, Aula F, Networks and search

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